Ricki Raxxx Quick Facts

Alias: Rikki Raxxx
Date of Birth: 6/6/1980
Home Town: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Measurements: 36F-24-36
Height: 5’3
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Ricki Raxxx Biography

Raven haired babe Ricki Raxxx was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1980. Ricki made her adult industry debut in 2004 when she was 24 years old. During her first year in the adult industry Ricki featured in just one adult film titled ‘Busty Dildo Lovers 2’ and produced by Score Entertainment.

Ricki Raxxx stands at 5’3 and weighs 125lbs. Ricki’s huge fan base is particularly large in the busty niche but that’s not surprising based on her huge 36F titties which make her sexy 36F-24-36 figure top heavy. Ricki currently has her inner labia and her clitoris hood pierced as well as her right nostril and her navel. Ricki also has sleeve tattoos on both arms as well as a tattoo on the back of her neck and a tattoo on her lower back.

During her adult career Ricki Raxxx has had the opportunity to work with a few different adult production companies including Score Entertainment, New Sensations, Jules Jordan Video, Digital Sin, Brazzers and Vivid. Ricki has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big names in the adult industry including Ava Lauren, Melanie Charm, Angelina Valentine, Lexi Bardot, Sochee Mala, Sophie Santi and Texas Presley.

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  21. Butch says:

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  24. Joel H says:

    Rikki, are you completely retired from the adult entertainment industry?

    I moved to Pittsburgh in 1979, when I got out of the Army. I could’ve been your father!

  25. randall bermudez says:

    Ricki you look beautiful.

  26. Florida Johnson says:

    Hey Ricki, I’m a huge fan! I’ve been wanting to get into the industry for a little bit now, any tips? I’m in florida and BTW would love to worship you! I love the fucking hot tattoos too, especially the demoness one.

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